5 Ways to use LinkedIn more effectively!


1.Change the settings for the frequency of information from groups by email. If you are being bombarded by emails from LinkedIn about discussions in your groups… all you have to do is decrease it! These are the few steps you need to take to amend your settings, select Groups, Companies & Applications and then Set the frequency of group digest! EASY! 2.Customise your News. When it comes to your News feed, are you getting the information that you need? You can customise this by simply…

The Carrot or The Stick


It has been repeatedly proven in our business and I’m sure in many others that ‘The Carrot’ approach works. Using rewards and incentives has shown time and time again that it helps to enhance the performance of individuals and team results particularly in success orientated industries like recruitment over long and sustained periods of time. From a management and individual perspective we all know how well the carrot works but what we want to know is how effective is “The Stick” and is there a…

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