Deller’s ‘DownUnder’ Adventure!

Our admichaelventure (mine and my girlfriend, Louise) didn’t start off on the best foot. Due to the fog in the UK a lot of flights were grounded. After an hour’s delay we were officially on our way to Doha! We saw some spectacular views of fog covered London with the Shard noticeably poking through the mist. We arrived in a Doha and due to the delay back in London we had to sprint across the airport to board our flight to Melbourne. Fourteen hours later we arrived in Melbourne at 11pm their time.

Melbourne is a wicked place, very much like London but a lot cleaner and wider.  You can be in the city centre one minute and within a 20 minute tram ride be on the beach. We spent 3 days there catching up with old friends whilst sampling the local ales from the many micro brewery’s Melbourne has to offer. We experienced the temperamental weather that Melbourne is famous for from glorious sunshine one minute to biblical rain the next then back to sunshine again.

Not long after arriving in Melbourne we said our goodbyes and flew to Sydney. Our first night there ended with us sitting under the illuminated Sydney Opera house looking at the Harbour Bridge drinking cocktails until 3am in the morning. Things don’t get much better than that! A day at Bondi Beach and sampling the many things Sydney has to offer made it such a memorable trip. Stupidly getting up at 2am in the morning to watch Arsenal vs Tottenham with a friend from back home who lives in Sydney wasn’t one of my brightest ideas! We left the venue at 8am a little worse for wear (self-inflicted) in the blaring sunshine was not ideal. My friend and I found a nice little venue on Darling Harbour to have some breakfast and decided a few more drinks would go down really well! The weather that day was beautiful and after a quick power nap we decided to a take a ferry to Manly Beach. A truly spectacular spot and an excellent way to finish a superb 5 days in Sydney.

On up to Brisbane we went and to be honest I was very pessimistic that it could even match up to Sydney and Melbourne. But me and Louise fell in love with the attitude and vibe it has to offer. We spent the first few days exploring the city shops, coffee and spent a lot of time in the Southbank area watching the world go by. They have a manmade beach there which is a really cool place. We booked a three day trip to Fraser Island and had planned to go to the Whit Sunday’s as well but due to weather concerns and time constraints we had to settle for just Fraser. Don’t get me wrong this place was stunning and I loved every minute I was there. Fraser is the biggest sand island in the world and has some of the most mind blowing things I have ever seen. The trip started at the famous lake McKenzie which is a truly beautiful place. My personal favourite place on Fraser Island was Eli Creek which was a fresh water creek that was so clean you could drink the water. You would trek in land for 15 minutes then jump in the creek that ran all the way through the rain forest back to the beach. It was an unbelievable experience!

Once Fraser had ended we headed back to Brisbane for a couple of days. One of those days was spent at Australia Zoo, made famous by the late Steve Irwin. It was a fun day feeding kangaroos and holding koalas. With Brisbane finished we headed to Byron Bay for a couple of days chilling out on the beach and checking out the quirky shops we then took a brief stop at Gold Coast/Surfers Paradise for a couple of days before we had the all clear that the ash cloud in Bali had gone (finally!). We were boarding for Bali!

When we stepped onto the tarmac in Bali airport the heat and humidity just hit you, it’s nothing I have ever experienced before. After a ropey taxi drive to our hotel we made base in Kuta what can only be described as the party central of Bali. Straight after check in I was in the pool and at the pool bar due to the “extreme heat”. From Kuta we went on a day trip to Ubud which is a lot more chilled out than the hustle and bustle of Kuta! We went to Monkey Forest and there is over 60,000 monkeys just roaming around. You’d think they would be friendly…but don’t be fooled! From there was a short drive to an amazing waterfall which we were able to swim in. Me being the idiot I am decided to try and swim under the 18m waterfall. I underestimated the power of it and broke a toe. Apart from that it was a superb experience and something I will never forget and to top that day off we spent the late evening on the beach watching the sunset with a couple of cold Bintangs

As I write this I am currently on a boat sailing to the Gili Islands to experience what they have to offer. I hear it is pretty lively so fingers crossed it lives up to its reputation. To finish I would love to thank the directors, managers and employees of Orion Electrotech for allowing me the opportunity to undertake this huge adventure.

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