Finding the balance

With the new academic year just around the corner have you considered studying whilst working?  

Jason from the Reading office has written about his experience when it comes to juggling his time between his career and studying.

He was approached by the University of Winchester (where he had just completed his degree for business and management with a BA (Hons)) to continue his studies to achieve a Masters (M.Sc) in Marketing and Innovation.  This offer was presented shortly after joining Orion and Jason was left with the decision whether he would be able to find a successful balance between the two.  Jason has given his take on how he has managed both. 

Studying alongside working

After completing an undergraduate BA (Hons) Degree in Business and Management I secured a position at Orion as an Engineering and Technical Recruitment Consultant. Four months into my new career I was offered the opportunity to return to university and study for an MSc Degree in Sales Marketing and Innovation. Orion were very supportive and encouraged me to pursue this opportunity alongside continuing to work in the recruitment industry. The flexibility of Orion allowed me to study part time (one day a week) over a 2 year period and continue my career (four days a week).

Working while studying is not easy, it takes a lot of time and determination, but it heightens your skills and provides the following benefits:

Time Management

The hardest part of working while studying is being able to keep up with your schedule and managing your time. Time management is important at both university and in recruitment; I have been able to adopt this skill by prioritising in both my university life and my work life. This has enabled me to succeed with both my recruitment targets and university deadlines.

Apply What You Learn

Applying and practicing what you learn in university ads value.  My degree surrounds sales, and recruitment sits within the sales sector, therefore I have been able to apply what I have been learning at university in the workplace. This has been a great way to sharpen my skills and add a new dimension to my capabilities.

Given the opportunity I would highly recommend perusing education/training courses alongside working, as the knowledge and experience you obtain is unbeatable. If I had stopped my career in recruitment and returned to university I would not have any relevant work experience.

With plenty of access to online courses or evening courses, are more people choosing to study whilst working? Have you struggled to make that balance and had to hand in the towel?
Let us know your thoughts or experiences.

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