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We recently invited the British Red Cross to come into our Reading office to teach some of our staff the basic skills of First Aid, we also wanted them to be able to give assistance to our already qualified First Aiders.

As you know there are risks all around us and in an office environment those risks most definitely exist. Ten of us signed up for the course all with either little or no knowledge of First Aid.

We thought we would share with you the top 8 things that Orion didn’t know about First Aid

1. ” I learnt how to manoeuvre a person into the two different positions to stop someone choking and that you should try this procedure 3 times before calling an ambulance” – Georgina

2. “I did not know that with babies you can’t pinch their nose when performing CPR as the cartilage is not yet formed, so you have to breathe into both their mouth and nose” – Russell

3. “DR ABC”Paul

4. “That a defibrillator machine actually stops the heart, to give the person the best chance of the heart starting back up with its natural rhythm” – Jason

5. “When driving in France the law requires you to offer assistance at the scene of an incident which is why you need a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and Hi-Vis clothing in the car. However, in England it is just common law, which gives you the choice if you want to stop and assist with First Aid” – Alison

6. “The British Red Cross have a free First Aid App that has a lot of useful information available.” – Chris

7.“You can ring 112 as well as 999 in an emergency” the reason for this, is that in Europe they use 112 and as we have many Europeans who live here and they are all familiar with this number. You will still be sent to a UK call centre where they can deal with your incident. – Cliona

8. “There are different procedures for an adult and for a child when starting to perform CPR” You have to call an ambulance first and then start CPR with an adult but with a child you to start CPR and continue for 1 minute before you call an ambulance and then continue with the CPR.– Abby


To see these procedures in full please visit the British Red Cross website http://www.redcross.org.uk/

We wanted to say a big thank you to our Instructor Jax and the British Red Cross for passing on their knowledge of First Aid onto us. Hopefully we never have to put these skills into practise, however we would thoroughly recommend the course to other businesses as we all now feel more confident on how to approach a first aid situation if it were to occur.

We would be interested to hear if you have been on a First Aid course and/or if you have had to put to practise the skills you learnt in a real life situation?


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