Where are all the women?

The UK continues to struggle to fulfill its need for skilled engineers yet it’s crazy to uncover how much potential talent is missed with the lack of “women in engineering”. It makes interesting reading to see that from the overall undergraduates majoring in mechanical engineering in 2014 only 16.3% were women and even less at 11.1% majored in Electrical Engineering!

women in engineering

Some other interesting stats include:

  1. Only 6% of the engineering workforce in the UK is female
  2. Only 5.5% of engineering professionals are female and only 27%  of engineering and science technicians are female
  3. Companies with more women on their boards were found to outperform their rivals with a 42% higher return in sales, 66% higher return on invested capital and 53% higher return on equity.

Let’s test these stats today and find out what the split is between men and women in our engineering network! Men please like this post and women please comment! It will be interesting for all to see the split and great to hear any thoughts on how we can get more women to pursue a career in engineering!

There are numerous campaigns and websites such as The Women in Engineering Society www.wes.org.uk which help promote awareness and events that take place for women in engineering. You can also keep up to date with their events by following their twitter page @WES1919

WES have created a National Women in Engineering day (23 June) which was made to focus attention on the great opportunities for women in engineering, at
a time when it has never been more important to address the engineering skills shortage.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say!

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